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Asbach Chocolate

Asbach Chocolate

Asbach Liquor Filled Chocolates - Enfused with Asbach Brandy

Quality chocolate from around the world is within reach when you shop at World Wide Chocolate. With these German chocolates, you can capture a flavor previously only available during your travels. These delicious Asbach chocolates are made exclusively by the RC-Confiserie in Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany. The creamy, rich chocolate is combined with Asbach Uralt brandy, a popular German spirit first crafted by Hugo Asbach in 1892, to create delectable treats that will have your taste buds begging for more. At World Wide Chocolate, you'll find an incredible selection of these liquor-filled chocolates online at affordable prices.

World Wide Chocolate

Perhaps the most popular Asbach chocolate products are the Asbach brandy beans. These charming bean-shaped candies feature a luscious dark chocolate coating with Asbach brandy filling. Perfect for holidays, gifting or just enjoying as a scrumptious dessert on your own, Asbach brandy beans feature a combination of high-quality ingredients that make them so much tastier than many of the copycat products available today.

Looking for more Asbach chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth? We've got you covered at World Wide Chocolate. Try brandy-filled Asbach pralines for a little extra texture and sweetness. These sweet chocolates with liquor filling feature a sugar crust to contrast with the rich brandy inside. For a true explosion of flavors, sample some Asbach chocolate cherries, which are made with a decadent brandy-infused dark chocolate covering a juicy red cherry.

The brandy experts at Asbach Uralt have been creating delicious and undeniably unique chocolate brandy treats for over a century. World Wide Chocolate is one of the few online retailers where you can find these incredibly delicious treats. Order your liquor chocolates online now and stock up on tasty morsels to enjoy at home, along with memorable gifts for your loved ones.

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