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Asbach Chocolate

Asbach Chocolate

Asbach Liquor Filled Chocolates - Enfused with Asbach Brandy

Since the 1920s, Asbach chocolates have been tantalizing the palates of chocolate lovers with their blend of fine chocolate and Asbach brandy. Made and marketed under an exclusive license by the RC-Confiserie in Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany, Asbach chocolate consists of pralines filled with brandy for a harmonious bouquet of flavors. Asbach brandy is an iconic German specialty produced since 1892. It is often referred to as the premium German spirit and touted for its ability to capture the "spirit of wine." Discover why these brandy-filled chocolates are a favorite of chocolate connoisseurs by shopping our selection.

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The birth of Asbach chocolates came about at a time when it was unthinkable for women to enjoy consuming alcohol in public. Hugo Asbach came up with the idea of infusing chocolates with his brandy and the birth of his pralines soon took the world by storm. They quickly became a favorite of both women and men and maintain their popularity over 90 years later. The secret to Asbach's success is twofold: chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans sourced throughout the world and their brandy that is made using the same secret maturing and refining process. Every step of production, from the distillation to the ripening process, is done in Germany as it has from the very beginning. The label stands for, "enjoyment, trust, expertise and the finest quality."

Our assortment of Asbach chocolate comes in many delectable flavors. Sample chocolate-covered brandy cherries, brandy-filled pralines with a sugar crust, brandy-infused coffee truffles and brandy-filled pralines shaped to look like mini bottles of liqueur. They come packaged in different sizes and many come in decorative boxes that are ready to be gifted. They are a tasty treat for anyone who enjoys the combination of chocolate and liqueur or for those with a German heritage to give them a taste of home.

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