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Whether you're proud of your Canadian heritage or you're trying to sample chocolates from difference countries around the world, it's a great time to try a little bit of Canadian chocolate. At World Wide Chocolate, we're excited to offer an array of chocolates made exclusively by Canadian manufacturers. These companies produce some of the best bars, truffles, pralines and novelty chocolates on the continent, and you may even be surprised to discover that the quality rivals that of the products produced in countries more famous for their chocolate-making abilities, such as France, Belgium and Switzerland.

World Wide Chocolate

In addition, many Canadian companies have embraced the organic movement when it comes to their chocolate manufacturing. One example is Terra Nostra, a Canadian chocolatier which provides certified organic chocolates made from high-quality raw materials. Each ingredient is organically grown, harvested and processed to deliver some of the purest chocolate you've ever tasted. You'll be blown away by these Canadian chocolate bars that feature a rich, creamy and aromatic experience with every bite. That sort of robust and intense taste is found in many chocolate products from Canada, and the diverse selection of flavors and fillings makes finding your favorite Canadian chocolates an ongoing discovery.

Check out our full selection of Canadian chocolate online to find more great examples of leaders of the chocolate industry in Canada. In addition to trying something new, you'll get to taste just how delicious Canadian candy really is. Plus, these Canadian-made chocolates are often more affordable than their overseas counterparts, allowing you to save a little cash in the process. Treat yourself to a tasty treat from the north with these delicious Canadian chocolates from World Wide Chocolate

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