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Domori Chocolate

Domori Chocolate

"To go where no one has ever been with chocolate, rescuing the pure essence of the noble cocoa, is Domori's passion." These are the words and the mission of Gianluca Franzoni, founder of Domori Chocolate. Since 1997, Franzoni has kept true to his original quest and has been manufacturing his signature chocolates made from high-quality cocoa, also known as aromatic cocoa. Shop World Wide Chocolate for a selection of exquisite treats and taste for yourself why this brand is so highly regarded.

World Wide Chocolate

The Domori line of single origin, D-Fusion and other varieties offer an exquisite and original taste. Their single origin bars are made from carefully selected cocoa beans from various plantations throughout the world. Each region is known for its unique flavor and that flavor is translated into each bar. The Domori "Sambirano" Italian Chocolate for example, captures the taste of red fruits accompanied by a bit of sharpness. Other popular bars include the Domori "Teyuna" Italian Chocolate Bar, which can be described as having an astonishing depth of flavor and fruitiness and the Domori Italian Chocolate Single Origin "Apurimac", which offers a delicate floral, caramel and a creamy milk taste.

Domori's D-Fusion line of chocolate features an intriguing fusion of flavors for an undeniably exotic experience. These flavors are perfect for those who like something other than the typical chocolate you would normally find at mass retailers. Try flavors such as Domori Italian Chocolate D-Fusion "Peperoncino" Dark Chocolate, infused with Indian chili pepper for a spicy kick; Domori Italian Chocolate D-Fusion "Biancoliquirizia" White Chocolate, which blends together white chocolate with licorice from Calabria, Italy; and Domori Italian Milk Chocolate Bar D-Fusion "Javagrey", which offers spicy hints of East Java cacao mixed with the sweetness of milk from the grey cows of Tyrol (a region in the Alps, divided between Austria and Italy).

All of Domori chocolates are manufactured in the None factory, in the province of Turin, Italy.

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