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As one of the world's top producers of fine cocoa beans, it comes as no surprise that Ecuadorian chocolates are some of the finest in the world. World Wide Chocolate is pleased to count Ecuador as one of the countries represented in our lineup of gourmet chocolates. Shop our growing selection for an assortment of bars, baking blocks, chocolate couverture chunks, nibs, cocoa powder and more.

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Brands such as Vintage Plantations Artisanal Chocolate manufacture their sweet treats from cocoa beans and other ingredients sourced from Ecuador. Why Ecuador? What distinguishes premium chocolate from satisfactory chocolate is the quality of the beans used. In the past decade, Ecuador has emerged as a major source for cocoa beans for many master chocolate makers. Known as Nacional or Arriba, Ecuadorian cocoa beans are revered for their range of flavors - floral, fruity or nutty - depending on what part of Ecuador they are grown. Arriba cocoa is bursting with so much flavor that brands do not need to resort to adding vanilla or extra vegetable fat to their bars and baking products.

From milk to dark chocolate, our assortment of Ecuador chocolate consists of a range of flavors to satisfy the craving of any chocolate lover. In addition to solid milk and single origin dark chocolate, we offer bars infused with everything from salted macadamia nuts and shredded coconut, to raspberry, sea salt and caramel bits, orange peel and more. We even offer bars that are sugar free for those who cannot or choose not to consume sugar in their diet.

Many of our Ecuadorian brands manufacture their chocolate products in accordance with the Rainforest Alliance Guidelines. According to the organization's official website, "The Rainforest Alliance has been working to strengthen the position of smallholder cocoa farmers since 2006 - both on the land and in the marketplace - by training them to conserve natural resources, increase productivity and secure decent living and working conditions." Rainforest Alliance Certified farms are audited annually against to ensure they are following the strict rules and regulations.

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