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While most chocolate lovers are aware of the fine delicacies made in France, Switzerland and Belgium, there are plenty of other tasty treats that hail from areas outside of Europe. If you're looking to experience some truly incredible chocolates from another part of the world, check out this collection of delicious Ecuadorian chocolates at World Wide Chocolate. We've discovered some of the very best chocolate products being made in Ecuador and have made them easily available within just a few clicks online. You'll love being able to taste a different side of the chocolate you already know and love.

World Wide Chocolate

These Ecuador chocolate companies are known for using high-quality ingredients that have been sourced within the country. Due to the unique geography and climate in Ecuador, a wide range of cocoa bean flavors can be found there. Everything from floral and fruity notes to nutty flavors can be detected depending on the type of Ecuadorian chocolate you're sampling. One brand that is highlighting this vast range of flavor profiles is Vintage Plantations Artisanal Chocolate, an Ecuador chocolate company specializing in local cocoa beans. One of the most popular types of cocoa bean used to make chocolate in Ecuador is the Arriba varietal. With its robust flavor and enticing floral scent, it's something that every chocolate lover absolutely must try.

If you'd like to sample some high-quality chocolates from another part of the world, be sure to check out our full selection of Ecuador candy and products at World Wide Chocolate. You'll find everything from classic chocolate bars to cocoa powder, baking chocolate and more, all at affordable prices. Indulge your sweet tooth with something new and exciting, or stock up on some unique and thoughtful gifts to hand out to your loved ones for holidays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day or other special occasions

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