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English Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

World Wide Chocolate is pleased to offer English Chocolate manufacturers among its collection. For British chocolatiers, we currently are offering Elizabeth Shaw and Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate. Choose a chocolate maker from England to begin shopping.

Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Green & Black’s English Chocolates & Chocolate Bars

Green & Black’s Organic is an English chocolatier that produces award winning eco-friendly organic chocolates in England.

Environmentally concerned? British owned Green & Black’s, Craig Sams and wife Josephine Fairley are. In 1991, Sams who is in the organic food industry made the world’s first organic chocolate bar with 70% cocoa solids. They produced this high quality chocolate by working carefully with the farmers who grow their cocoa trees in and amongst other indigenous plant species of Central America. This provides diversity for the Mayan farmers’ as well natural protection for the cocoa plants. Try this award winning eco-friendly chocolate!

English Chocolate - Artisan du Chocolat Artisan du Chocolat

Artisan du Chocolat’s philosophy is to be the Artisan of the future. That is they are focused on creating luxury through individuality, innovation and exceptional craftsmanship. Artisans work from the heart. They start as apprentices, learn from masters of the past and spend many more years honing their craft. They are despotic about using the best materials, fanatical about perfecting each gesture to an art until they can do it blindly. They are proud of their work. So is Artisan du Chocolat. Artisan products beautifully crafted are the last true luxury in a world obsessed with consuming ever more and faster.

World Wide Chocolate is dedicated to selling only the finest selection of imported gourmet chocolates and chocolate gifts for you to buy from the world's best Belgian, Canadian, Ecuadorian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, Venezuelan and American Chocolatiers. Discover delicious chocolates, speciality chocolate foods, gift baskets, fair trade chocolate, organic chocolates and chocolate bars to order online from the world class chocolate makers.


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