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French Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

World Wide Chocolate is pleased to offer French Chocolate manufacturers among its collection. We currently are offering Cacao Barry, Pralus, Michel Cluziel, Valrhona, Bonnat as well as hard candies from RendezVous. Choose a chocolate maker from France to begin shopping.

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Valrhona French Chocolate from France Valrhona French Chocolate - Baking Chocolate, Gifts, Bars & Squares

Be tempted at anytime or for any occasion by this 1924 French company. For years they have produced chocolates with a lasting taste that are intense and aromatic by using proven methods from their selection of cocoa beans to manufacturing.

Because of this Valrhona is especially desired and recognized by professionals and chocolate gourmets everywhere.

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Michel Cluizel Chocolate from France Michel Cluizel French Chocolate - Baking Chocolate, Bars, Squares, & Gifts

Based in France in the south of Normandy and founded in 1948, Michel Cluizel remain a family business and are one the largest independent producers of fine chocolate from the bean to the finished bar. Cluizel have connections with plantations all around the world, including Sumatra, Venezuela, Ghana, Java, and the Ivory Coast. From these they blend the chocolate used in their bars and confections. Michel Cluizel is a stout defender of quality chocolate, declining to use soya lecithin at all in their chocolate and recently launched their ‘Ingrèdients Noble’ label to highlight the quality of cocoa, sugar and vanilla used.

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Pralus French Chocolate from France Pralus French Chocolates & Chocolate Bars

In 1988 Monsieur Pralus started his son on the mission to perpetuate the family‘s tradition. After training with his father, François went to study with several French pastry chefs, among others the world famous Bernachon in Lyon. This is when François decided to open a facility dedicated entirely to the artisan production of his own fine chocolates, from bean to bar.

François Pralus is counted with the small number of the rare chocolate craftsmen - they are three in France! - who venerate the Quetzalcoatl god by manufacturing their own chocolate directly from beans of their own choosing. Why you might ask; to find the quintessence of the flavor characteristics in each vairiety and to develop original blends that demonstrate the magical possibilites of chocolate. All of this cocoa alchemy is worked out and developed in the Chocolate Laboratory which he created in 1991.

François works with the best available beans of each variety from all over the world, Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero, believeing that each has something special to offer. No less than eighteen kinds of beans are imported from Central America, South America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific for his chocolate. Some of his blends reach a content of cocoa of 80%. His Pyramide du Tropiques is a true work of art - 10 colorfully wrapped bars, each made with different beans gathered from around the world.

French Cacao Barry Chocolate - pistoles and cocoa powder Cacao Barry French Chocolate Pistoles and Cocoa Powder

Cacao Barry is renowned for its vision of the chocolate-maker’s craft as an art form. Based in France and producing and selling the finest-grade chocolate in the world, Cacao Barry has a wide product range that’s a real favourite among the leading chocolate professionals. WWC is pleased to offer French Cacao Barry pistoles (or discs), cocoa powder and cocoa butter powder.

Bonnat French Chocolate Bonnat French Chocolates & Chocolate Bars

Bonnat is story of a family’s long love affair with chocolate. It is a story which began back in 1884 when Félix Bonnat established his premises at number 8, cours Sénozan in Voiron (Isère region).

All Bonnat’s customers in France and those making their way home for Christmas by boat from the French colonies looked forward to tasting the Voiron “Pavés” (Praline Chunks) and other Bonnat specialities.

As time went by Félix Bonnat’s two sons, Armand and Gaston, began to help him more and more with the production and running of the family business.

Bonnat French Chocolate Yves Thuries French Chocolate

In 1968, Yves Thuries opened his first patisserie in Gaillac in the south west of France. Continually striving for excellence, he was elected “Meilleur ourvier de France” (best craftsman in France) twice in 1976 for his work as a confectioner, chocolate maker and ice-cream maker and seller. A first in the history of the prize.

Within a few years, Yves Thuries French Chocolate became known among the great names in chocolate. He set up his business in Cordes sur Ciel, turning his expert hand to the purest traditional profession.

Today, Yves Thuries chocolate creations are exported worldwide and as a member of the Academie Francaiz du Chocolat, Yves Thuries is a symbol of quality and innovation in the profession.

Mademoiselle de Margaux French Chocolate logo Mademoiselle de Margaux French Chocolate

Mademoiselle de Margaux comes from the Médoc region of France and draws its inspiration and know-how from the renowned Margaux terroir. In the quest for subtle ingredients and aromas, Mademoiselle de Margaux’s French chocolate creates new recipies inspired by the riches of nature.The harmony between the aromatic notes of chocolate and the selected flavors is at the heart of the concerns of Mademoiselle de Margaux. The brand is highly demanding in terms of both the quality of taste as well as the choice of ingredients. Mademoiselle de Margaux undertakes to use cocoa butter only, making chocolate only with the finest pure ingredients.

World Wide Chocolate is dedicated to selling only the finest selection of imported gourmet chocolates and chocolate gifts for you to buy from the world's best Belgian, Canadian, Ecuadorian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, Venezuelan and American Chocolatiers. Discover delicious chocolates, speciality chocolate foods, gift baskets, fair trade chocolate, organic chocolates and chocolate bars to order online from the world class chocolate makers.


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