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Madécasse Chocolate

Madécasse Chocolate

The journey of Madécasse Chocolate started when the creators of the brand were Peace Corp volunteers in Madagascar. As they spent their time in the region getting to know the people, their customs and traditions, they soon fell in love with what they saw and experienced. They wanted to do more for the community and that is when they decided to make chocolate using cocoa beans harvested right from the land of Madagascar. World Wide Chocolate is proud to partner with this compassionate brand and we offer many tasty confections for you to try.

World Wide Chocolate

Sink your teeth into the many unique flavors this brand creates such as Madécasse Chocolate "Cinnamon & Sakay Pepper" (63 percent cocoa infused with cinnamon and sakay pepper); "Pink Pepper & Citrus" (63 percent cocoa, pink pepper and combava fruit); and "Sea Salt & Nibs" (63 percent cocoa, crushed cocoa bean nibs and sea salt). Cocoa beans from Madagascar are considered by many master chocolate makers to be one of the best. Why? This region's cocoa crop contains the original (heirloom) cocoa variety and has a bright, fruity flavor. That intensity and depth of flavor is brought to life through the roasting and manufacturing process and results in confections that simply have an unforgettable flavor.

When your baking recipe calls for vanilla extract or vanilla bean, be sure to reach for Madécasse vanilla beans. Madagascar produces 65 percent of the world's supply of vanilla. Their top-quality beans are bursting with flavor that can be described as rich, creamy and buttery. Use them to add flavor to homemade ice cream, cookies, crème brűlée and more.

Like so many of our gourmet chocolate brands, Madécasse is committed to improving the lives and communities where they source their cocoa beans and other natural ingredients. They have formed a direct trade relationship with various cocoa farmers. In doing so, they work face-to-face with the farmers to bridge the gap between the grower and producer. They are able to eliminate costly middlemen and pay their growers a higher premium for their hard work.

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