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Pralus Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

Pralus Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

When a recipe calls for the finest chocolate baking products you can find, Pralus Chocolate is the brand many professional bakers and pastry chefs reach for. The taste, presentation and texture of desserts are heavily reliant on the ingredients used. World Wide Chocolate has partnered with Pralus to make their cocoa powder, cocoa butter and hazelnut crème available to those who wish to elevate the taste of their home or professional bakery. In addition to chocolate ingredients, Pralus manufactures a range of bars and squares that can be enjoyed straight from the packaging.

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Founded in 1948 by August Pralus, this prestigious brand is run today by the founder's son, François. He has maintained his father's original high standard for making quality chocolate and has become a successful master chocolatier in his own right. François is one of the few masters in France to manufacture his own chocolate. He uses dried cocoa beans that he sources from the finest plantations around the world, especially Indonesia and South America and from there, he does everything himself. Driven by his passion for manufacturing the finest chocolate, he purchased his own cocoa bean plantation in Madagascar in 2000. In addition to using cocoa from various plantations throughout the world, he uses the cocoa grown and packaged from his own plantation to make many of his sweet creations.

Pralus' single origin chocolates are one of their most popular chocolate varieties. These bars and squares are made using cocoa sourced from different regions throughout the globe - Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Madagascar, Indonesia and many more. Each region is known for their distinct flavor of cocoa, and Pralus captures that flavor in each of their single origin chocolates. Whether it is the slight smoky taste of Venezuelan cocoa or the fine and fruity taste of cocoa from Madagascar, eating chocolate made by this brand is like taking your taste buds on a journey throughout the world one bite a time.

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