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Santander Chocolate

Santander Chocolate

World Wide Chocolate is pleased to offer Santander Chocolate. Santander is a Colombian chocolate maker that was established in 1920 and is renowned as Colombia's chocolate and coffee market leader. The brand is named after the Colombian region with the breathtaking vistas and where some of the finest cocoa beans in the country grow.

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What gives this brand the distinction of being Colombia's chocolate market leader is its use of quality cocoa and other natural ingredients, their state-of-the art equipment, exceptional quality control and their harmonious blend of "Trinitarian" and "Criollo" cocoa varieties.

Santander is a versatile chocolate that, in addition to eating as is, can be paired with other delicacies. According to the chocolatiers, "Thanks to the fine quality of this Colombian chocolate, the wide variety of pairings with other products reaches the maximum level of delicacy: chocolate and wine, or chocolate and cheese are just a few examples of the delicious combinations you can make with Chocolate Santander."

Shop our lineup of chocolate Santander for bars or squares in dark, semi-dark and milk chocolate. For a match made in taste bud heaven, give Santander's Dark Chocolate with 100 percent Colombian Coffee Bits a try. These bars marry together the full-bodied taste of 70 percent dark chocolate with Colombian coffee bits that result in a defined and sharp taste for those who like chocolate with a bold personality. The harmonious medley has a bitter taste that quickly gives way to the taste of coffee along with delicious nuts, flowers and tropical.

Santander is a brand that is committed to promoting sustainable cocoa-growing techniques. This means they are committed to paying the growers fair prices promptly, paying constant attention to good working conditions for all of our employees, promoting sustainable, environmentally-friendly agricultural practices, improving the competitiveness and profitability of farmers and more.

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