Cuyagua is home to some of Venezuela’s most highly prized cacao. Cuyagua’s plantation is old -- tracing its history back to the 1600’s. Its trees are tall — many twice the height of that found on other plantations. Amano buy this special cocoa from Cuyagua’s farmers, import it, and using their proprietary and labor intensive techniques transform them into a truly remarkable chocolate. The flavor can be described as being deep and hauntingly rich with wonderful fruit notes of melon and spice. This is an incredible chocolate — one you will treasure and share with your friends and loved ones (if you don't eat it first). Kosher Dairy
Cocoa beans, Pure cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole vanilla beans.
Amano Cuyagua 70% Cocoa, Dark Chocolate Bar, Limited Edition, 2oz / 56g
Single Bar
6 Bars

Amano Cuyagua Chocolate | Artisan, Dark Chocolate Bar | Limited Edition  | 70% Cocoa | 2oz/56g

12 Bar Case
Amano Cuyagua Chocolate