The cocoa from Chuao is widely considered to be the world's best. We were able to get a limited supply of these wonderous cocoa beans and to use them to make this single-origin chocolate. The cocoa from Chuao is incredibly flavorful, deep, complex, and wonderous. We are extremly proud to release this bar as we believe that it is truly representitive of Amano's vision of the flavors that are achievable when extremely good quality cocoa is combined with time, sensitivity, and a chocolate maker's love. Kosher Dairy
Cocoa beans, Pure cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole vanilla beans.
Amano Chuao 70% Cocoa, Reserve Dark Chocolate Bar, 2oz / 56g
Single Bar
6 Bars

Amano Chuao Chocolate | Artisan, Reserve, Dark Chocolate Bar | 70% Cocoa | 2oz/56g

12 Bar Case
Amano Chuao Chocolate