Amedei Grenada Extra Dark - Amedei's 1 Cru (single origin) chocolates are a journey tracing the tracks of cocoa's oldest varieties, grown on individual plantations and crafted according to the customs of their lands of origin. This captures their widest essences for a taste experience forging new frontiers. From the Caribbean Seas comes this dark gold, rich in flavor and deep in color. The aromas of fresh tropical wood bark and eucalyptus mingle perfectly with a creamy, luxurious, well-balanced flavor. A great chocolate with an unmistakable character.
Amedei Cru Grenada Extra Dark Chocolate Bar, Single Origin, 70% Cocoa, 50g/1.75oz
Single Bar
6 Bars
Amedei Cru Grenada 70% Dark Chocolate Bar | Single Origin
12 Bar Case