"Force Noire™ is a chocolate that I use in pastries for making ganaches and chocolate mousses. The quality of its texture and non-acidic cocoa flavor are important criteria for me. In chocolate confectionery, this product takes on its full dimensions when making chocolate ganaches. I use it at 100% in my truffles and in my other ganache recipes at varying percentages depending on the couverture used in my recipe. In addition to these avantages, its low density of cocoa butter in comparison with a couverture perfectly suits the balance of a recipe.
1 Pound Bag
Cacao Barry Semi-Sweet Dark Ganache Chocolate "Force Noire" Pistoles (Discs) , 50% Cocoa, Repackaged, 1 Pound
1kg/2.2lb. Bag
5kg/11 lb. Box

Cacao Barry Force Noire Dark Chocolate Pistoles / Discs - 50% Cocoa

Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate Amere Pistoles / Discs