Applications: Special recipe for fine molding, coatings, pastry ganache, mousse, pralines interior ganache, sauce, decoration, ice cream and sorbet. "I discovered Lactée Barry during my apprenticeship. It is a couverture which I immediately liked for its attractive color and its light caramel taste which does not hide that of the milk. 30 years later, I am still using this product, above all for the nuance effect it creates when it is molded following a touch of dark chocolate." Pascal JANVIER - CACAO BARRY AMBASSADOR - USA
1 Pound Bag
Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate "Lactee Barry" Pistoles (Discs) , 35.3% Cocoa, Repackaged, 1 Pound
1kg/2.2lb. Bag
5kg/11 lb. Box

Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate Lactee Barry Pistoles / Discs

Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate