Applications: Special recipe for fine molding, coatings, pastry ganache, mousse, pralines interior ganache, sauce, decoration, ice cream and sorbet. "This is certainly the couverture which best adapts to diverse uses. You will find that is very fluid for moldings and for coating pralines. Not too sweet and rather fine, it is perfect for making fillings for chocolate pralines, but also for making milk chocolate mousses for desserts, chocolate sauce palets and sorbets." Jean-Michel PERRUCHON - CACAO BARRY AMBASSADOR- FRANCE
1 Pound Bag
Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate "Lactee Superieure" Pistoles (Discs) , 38.2% Cocoa, Repackaged, 1 Pound
1kg/2.2 lb Bag
5kg/11 lb. Box

Cacao Barry Lactee Superieure Milk Chocolate Pistoles / Discs

Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate Lactee Superieure Pistoles, Discs