Hispaniola, a blend of Forastero, and Criollo, combines an exceptionally long finish and produces a dark chocolate with a very pronounced cocoa flavor. "Saint Domingue couverture combines a powerful cocoa flavor with fruity and spicy nuances. Its full aroma, rich color and fluidity render this couverture a precious ally for professionals."
1 Pound Bag
Cacao Barry Single Origin "Saint Domingue" Pistoles (Discs) , 70% Cocoa, Repackaged, 1 Pound
1kg/2.2lb. Bag
5kg/11 lb. Box

Cacao Barry Saint Dominigue Single Origin Pistoles / Discs, 70% Cocoa

Cacao Barry Saint Dominigue Pistoles - Single Origin Discs, 70% Cocoa