Cacao Sampaka La Joya - 70% dark chocolate tablet made exclusively from white criollo cocoa from La Joya plantation in Tabasco, Mexico. The gentle acidity of the white criollo bean is followed by notes of raisins and prune. As the intensity lessens, note the aftertaste of tobacco and liquorice.
Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin. Product may contain traces of: tree nuts/peanuts, gluten & lactose.
Cacao Sampaka La Joya, 70% Dark Chocolate, 100g/3.53 oz.
Single Bar
5 Bars

Cacao Sampaka | La Joya Plantation | 70%  Dark Chocolate, 100g/3.53oz.

15 Bar Case
Cacao Sampaka La Jolla