Domori Arriba Cocoa Powder - Single Origins - 22-24% Cocoa Fat
Nacional Arriba Cocoa: a pleasure made in powder form, to be savoured in every single grain. It is light, just like when it sprouts from the fine cocoa bean, and also because it has no potash. In fact, thanks to its “noble” provenance, it has a pleasant aromatic profile that needs no flavour corrector, or to be more precise, it is the potash that is reserved for the less esteemed cocoa that makes it dark. It has hints of nut, banana and citrus fruits, joined with an extreme freshness and delicateness, making it an excellent protagonist in high level confectionery production, as well as in homemade desserts and in cocktails.
Domori Italian Cocoa Powder "Arriba", Single Origins, 22-24% Cocoa Fat, 1 lbs

Domori Cocoa Powder - Arriba - Single Origins - 22-24% Cocoa Fat