Hachez 77% Cocoa D'Arriba Orange Chocolate Bar - This solid 100g bar is made from select high-quality beans from Ecuador. Described as smooth and clean, each bite of Cocoa D'Arriba melts in your mouth creating an especially mild taste with 77% cocoa content. The delicate bouquet of oranges ripened under the tropical sun enhances the smooth flavor of the Orange Bar. Hachez's Cocoa D'Arriba is milder than other chocolates with a high cocoa content. Hachez's Cocoa D'Arriba is all-natural with no artificial ingredients.
cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, natural orange oil, Bourbon-Vanilla. Cocoa minimum: 77%. May contain traces of nuts.
Hachez 77% Cocoa D'Arriba Orange Chocolate, Superior Mild Dark Chocolate, 100g/3.5oz
Single Bar
5 Bars

Hachez D'Arriba Orange Dark Chocolate | 77% Cocoa | 100g / 3.5oz

10 Bar Case
Hachez D'Arriba Orange 77%