Lake Champlain Chocolates Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar
Tanzania (creamy & complex) - 75% cocoa content Intense and creamy, yet very fruity and floral, Tanzanian's complex flavor profile reflects the climate of its East African origin. From the hot, dry weather of the Serengeti to the humid coast, Tanzania is a land of extremes, and in its chocolate you'll find all the raw strength, warmth, and tanginess of slightly wild cocoa. Small World Select-Origin Chocolates. You instinctively know when you bite into an exceptional piece of chocolate. The way it feels as it melts in your mouth, the satisfaction that comes from discovering its multiple flavor notes, the happiness that lingers after it is only a memory: these emotions are not coincidence. Select origin chocolates (sometimes called single origin, pure origin, or varietal) are those made from cocoa beans grown in a specific geographic area of the world. Ecological factors such as soil, rainfall, heat, humidity, and adjacent crops create the unique aroma and flavor profiles coveted by chocolate connoisseurs. Kosher Dairy
Lake Champlain Chocolates - "Tanzania" Single Origin Bar, Extra Dark Chocolate, 75% Cocoa, 3 oz.
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Lake Champlain Chocolates Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar - Single Origin - 75% Cocoa - 3 oz.

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