Lake Champlain Chocolates Aztec Hot Chocolate
Aztec (spicy!) - cinnamon & cayenne One of the world's greatest expressions of taste, hot chocolate is enjoyed by millions, yet few have successfully combined the oldest traditions with the purest natural ingredients. No more. Not only is this hot cocoa all natural, it harkens back to hot chocolate's origins in Mexico. Made with our famous chocolate and combined with milk even rice or soy this is gourmet hot chocolate the way it should be: rich, full-bodied, deeply satisfying, and spicy. Each tin of Aztec Hot Chocolate makes approximately 21 eight ounce servings.
Lake Champlain Chocolates - "Aztec" Hot Chocolate, 16 oz.
Single Can
6 Can Case

Lake Champlain Chocolates Aztec Hot Chocolate - 16 oz.

12 Can Case