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Gourmet Chocolate
Liquor Chocolates

Liquor Chocolate - Liquor-Filled in Dark & Milk

Liquor chocolate is a delicious, flavor-filled treat. Whether they are simply a favorite of yours or enjoying them with friends, liquor-filled chocolate is an excellent choice. We offer liquor chocolate from some excellent brands like VSC Chocolates, Mademoiselle de Margoux, Reber, Asbach and Schladerer.

Asbach Chocolates

Asbach Edle Kirchen
Asbach Edle Kirschen Chocolate Brandy Cherries

Single Box    $29.95

20 Piece Bag    $29.99

50 Piece Box    $59.95

Reber Chocolate

Reber Mozart Fine Almond Bar
Reber Mozart Fine Almond Chocolate Bar, 100g/3.5oz.

Single Bar    $5.99

5 Bars    $28.95

10 Bar Case    $56.95

Reber Mozart Milk Chocolate with Pistachio
Reber Mozart Classic Milk Chocolate Bar, 100g/3.5oz.

Single Bar     $5.99

5 Bars    $28.95

10 Bar Case    $56.95

Reber Mozart Hearts
Reber Mozart Herzl / Hearts, 96 Pc. Gift Box

96 Piece Gift Box    $119.95

24 Piece Bag    $29.99

VSC Chocolates 48 Piece Gift Crate

Schladerer Pralines

VSC Liquor Filled Chocolate
"48 Piece Liquor filled Chocolates" in a wooden crate, 18.6oz.

SOLD OUT!    $19.96

12 each of Kahlua chocolates, Remy Martin, Jim Beam & Grand Marnier chocolates

Mademoiselle De Margoux Liquor Filled Chocolate

Liquor Filled Chocolate - History

It seems that history of liquor filled chocolates winds and twists. For example, Asbach chocolates were first made in the 1920’s. A major reason for their coming about was that it was thought inappropriate for women to drink liquor. Because of that Hugo Asbach was led to create his chocolates in 1924. Of course, women were truly delighted.

Elsewhere, chocolates filled with liquid alcohol were developed in Switzerland in the 1930’s, initially with filling in the sugar crust, in 1950’s alcohol filling without sugar crust was developed.

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