Freshly pressed cocoa butter from the "Nacional" cocoa beans is now available. It is unprocessed, undeodorized and retains a faint “cocoa” smell. It is packaged in individually wrapped 700 g blocks, Made of 100% shaded Ecuadorian cocoa varietal "Nacional" – a classified "fine flavor cocoa". Its flavor is smooth, nutty, with a long dominant chocolate note and no bitterness or acidity. To transmit the purest flavor, we did not add any vegetable fat nor vanilla covering aroma. Our chocolate bars have a high content of cocoa solids, less cocoa butter fat and a lower glycemic index. The cocoa beans are roasted slowly to preserve the high antioxidant levels of pure cocoa.
100 % Cocoa Butter
Plantations - "Cocoa Butter Chunks", 1kg/2.2lbs

Plantations Cocoa Butter Blocks

Plantations Cocoa Butter Blocks | Ecuadorian Block Cocoa | 700 g