38% Vintage Plantations Milk Chocolate Bar - Latte Mocha (3.5oz/100g), Rainforest Alliance Certified, Sustainable Cocoa Program. Our Vintage Plantations Chocolate Bars are grown in Ecuador. For all the chocolate lovers who order lattes at the coffee shop. We've infused certified AA Ethiopian Arabica mild roast coffee ground, with our milk chocolates, along with tiny amounts of instant coffee which defuses in the milk chocolate as it is being slowly tempered.The result is a creamy, bar with a balanced taste of coffee and milk vying for your attention, and the crunchiness of tiny pieces of Ethiopian coffee beans the closest thing to a latte on the go. By buying our bars, you support the planters directly, help preserve the only native cocoa flavor varietal, and safeguard the Ecuadorian rainforest.
Plantations Chocolate - "Latte Mocha Bar", 100g/3.5oz.
Vintage Plantations Latte Mocha Chocolate Bar