Grown only in Ecuador, “Arriba” is considered a fine flavored cocoa with a perfumed floral scent. Its flavor is smooth, subtle, with a dominant floral note and nutty after notes. Plantation's mission is to safeguard heirloom cocoa varieties, to encourage new sustainable cultivation methods that preserve the rain forest, and to guarantee a fair price for cacao planters. The trees' parentage has been identified by Cirad, a leading international cocoa research organization, to be 100% Arriba. Rainforest Alliance is a leading conservation agency dedicated to implementing better business practices for biodiversity conservation and sustainability. The Alliance's Ecuadorian partner who is implementing the sustainable program is Conservacion y Desarrollo. By buying the Arriba bar, you support the planters directly, help preserve the only native cocoa flavor varietal, and safeguard the Ecuadorian rain forest.
pure cocoa mass, raw sugar cane, macadamia nuts, salt, soya lecithin, No vanilla or aroma added. May contain traces of nuts.
Single Bar
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Plantations Chocolate - 75% Cocoa dark Chocolate with "Salted Macadamia Nuts", 100g/3.5oz.

Vintage Plantations 75% Dark Chocolate Bars

Vintage Plantations 75% Dark Chocolate Bars | Salted Macadamia Nuts