On the island of Madagascar, the river Sambirano snakes its way through a magical landscape where delicate perfumes blend with the shimmering colours of the vanilla and ylang-ylang fields. For the people of this plantation where cocoa has been grown for more than 200 years, Ampamakia rings out like a chant of aromas and colour. Only limited quantities of each vintage are available. The yellow fruit flavours combined with the citrus notes offer a unique tasting experience.
Cocoa beans from Madagascar, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, soy lecithin, May contain traces of nuts, milk and egg protein, gluten and peanut. 64 % Cocoa.
Single Bar
5 Bars
Valrhona Chocolate - "2013" Estate Grown Dark Chocolate, " Ampamakia, Millot Plantation - Madagascar", 64% Cocoa, 75g/2.6oz.
Valrhona Ampamakia Millot Plantation, Madagascar, Dark Chocolate Bars