Porcelana cocoa comes from one of the original and rarest varieties of cacao trees, Criollo, (wich accounts for only 5% of the world-wide crop). While their harvest is modest, the fruit they yield – including the rare white Criollo bean known as “Porcelana” – is one of the most aromatic and finest cocoa varieties that exists. The Porcelana bar takes its name from the bean's lovely, creamy porcelain-like color. Legend has it that the variety is so fine that it should only be tasted from porcelain. Cacao origin: Venezuela. 75g/2.6oz per bar.
Single Bar
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Valrhona Chocolate - Vintage 2013 "El Pedregal PORCELANA Bar", 75g./2.6oz.
Valrhona El Pedregal Porcelana Bar