The delicious Valrhona Egg assortment includes Eggs with Apricot ganache filling, covered in dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate Guanaja Eggs with 70% ganache filling, covered in dark chocolate. Milk Chocolate Tanariva Eggs with 33% ganache filling, covered in milk chocolate. 9 Eggs of Milk Chocolate with a caramel filling, covered in milk chocolate caramel.
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, concentrated butter, glucose syrup, whole condensed milk, apricot pulp (apricot pulp, sugar, antioxidant: ascorbic acid), invert sugar, dried skimmed milk, emulsifier (soya lecithin), apricot flavoring, stabilizer: D-sorbitol, natural vanilla extract, natural vanilla flavor.
Valrhona Eggs, Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment, 25 Eggs per Bag