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Slitti Chocolate Bars & Chocolates (OOS)

Slitti Chocolate Bars & Chocolates (OOS)

Slitti Chocolate was created by Andrea Slitti in 1988. Andrea discovered his passion for making chocolate by way of coffee. He started his career working in his father's coffee roasting workshop. Over time, he mastered the art of blending beans to achieve many distinct flavors. Inspired by his passion for working with coffee beans and blending flavors, Andrea looked for a new outlet for his creativity and artistry. Chocolate would be his next pursuit, and since then, Andrea has relied on his experience and his father's advice to refine the art of chocolate making with blended cocoa to achieve unique flavors. His drive and talent has won him and his delicious Italian chocolate many international awards. Shop World Wide Chocolate and savor for yourself what this fine brand has to offer.

World Wide Chocolate

We have a full range of Slitti products in our growing assortment - from bars and truffles to couverture discs, pralines, hot chocolate and hazelnut-chocolate spread and even Slitti coffee. For the true chocolate lover, Slitti provides you with several ways to enjoy their chocolate; you can eat it, drink it or bake with it! Slitti bars come in dark and milk chocolate in a range of cocoa percentages. One of their unique varieties is their "Lattenero" Milk Chocolate line which is milk chocolate consisting of a high percentage of cocoa resulting in a full, rich blend of cocoa, milk and sugar. Another intriguing variety is the "Gran Bouquet" series consisting of extra bitter dark chocolate accented with chili pepper. Slitti gift boxes are the perfect way to sample many of the robust flavors this brand is renowned for, and make great gifts for friends and family.

All of Andrea Slitti's creations are made with the finest attention to detail. He oversees every stage of the chocolate-making process, from the crystallization chambers where the chocolate rests for up to 24 hours to his personalized method of tempering.

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