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Slitti Chocolate Bars & Chocolates (OOS)

Slitti Chocolate Bars & Chocolates (OOS)

If you're a lover of both coffee and chocolate, you'll truly appreciate the inspiration behind the Slitti chocolate brand. Founder Andrea Slitti actually started out working in a coffee roasting workshop, where he mastered the art of blending various bean varietals to create unique flavors. That creative spark led him to move on to chocolate, where he took his artistry to a new level by blending cocoa varietals to develop new and exciting chocolate products. The result is Slitti Chocolate, an Italian chocolate manufacturer that is known for creating a variety of interesting products that range from classic chocolate bars and truffles to hot chocolate and even coffee.

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Those who haven't tried Slitti chocolate before should start with their series of delectable chocolate bars. These bars come in various chocolate combinations, allowing you to taste a range of flavors from one bar to the next. From milk chocolate, white chocolate and pure, 100 percent cacao bars to those with a hint of chili peppers, there's something new to discover with each one. Take a bite out of one whenever the craving strikes, or use chocolate bits or shavings to enhance your next baking creation.

If you're looking for unique chocolate gifts for your loved ones, World Wide Chocolate has you covered with our collection of Slitti specialty products. Slitti chocolate truffles come in an attractive, ready-to-gift package and are absolutely intoxicating (and not just because they're made with cognac). Slitti hot chocolate or Slitti hazelnuts also make for a thoughtful gift, and for the chocolate lovers who also adore coffee, nothing complements their favorite treat better than Slitti coffee. Whatever products strike your fancy, you'll love that you can access these finely made Italian chocolates easily and affordably when you shop online at World Wide Chocolate.

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