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Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate has been making refined, stone ground chocolate in their Somerville, Mass. chocolate factory since 2005. Their unique method of making their chocolate creations is fueled by their desire to let the bold flavors of their organic, Direct Trade Certified cacao "shout loud and proud." Browse our assortment of Taza Chocolate and taste for yourself what this unique brand has to offer. Our selection includes Chocolate Discs, Tazitos Crunch Library Organic Dark Chocolate Bars, Seriously Dark Chocolate and more.

World Wide Chocolate

Alex Whitmore and his wife, Kathleen Fulton, are the duo behind the brand. The first time Alex experienced stone ground chocolate was while visiting Oaxaca, Mexico. He was so impressed with the rustic flavors and texture that he was inspired to bring this unique method of making chocolate to his hometown of Somerville. He took the time to study as an apprentice under a "molinero" in Mexico before officially launching his company and has not looked back since.

Taza uses traditional Mexican stone mills, called molinos, to grind their cacao. The hand-carved stones that turn inside these mills preserve the natural flavors of the beans, and create chocolate that's bold and satisfyingly gritty. Every step of the chocolate-making process is done at their factory - roasting, winnowing, grinding, tempering, molding, cooling and packaging.

Taza is committed to ethical cacao sourcing. They maintain direct, face-to-face relationships with their cocoa farmers, compensate them for their hard work with above the Fair Trade prices and partner only with cocoa producers who respect the rights of workers and the environment. They source their beans from the Dominican Republic, and in 2015, crossed the border into Haiti where they finalized the first purchase of organic, fine-quality cocoa beans ever made by a U.S. chocolate maker. Alex and his wife explain, "Taza Direct Trade means more money for farmers, the best cacao for us, and seriously good chocolate for you."

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