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Vintage Plantations Chocolate Bars and Chocolates

Vintage Plantations Chocolate Bars and Chocolates

Vintage Plantations is an independent company. Not having to satisfy outside investors allows Plantations Chocolate to prioritize the quality of their products over the size of the bottom line unlike most chocolates made in Ecuador, Columbia, or Venezuela that tout themselves as “Farmer’s chocolates.” Plantations Chocolate makes chocolate in cooperation only with entities willing to follow the Rainforest Alliance Guidelines, and Vintage Plantations train them to achieve very high standards of quality. Plantations only supports small farmers and works cooperatively with local small enterprises in both Ecuador and the USA for all services needed to run their company. Plantations Chocolate allows you to experience the uniquely rich Arriba aromas in these tasting bars from 65% to 100% cocoa. The 100% Arriba bar is completely sugar-free.Grown solely in Ecuador, "Arriba" is a special cocoa varietal with a perfumed floral scent. Its flavor is smooth, with a dominant jasmine note and nutty after-tones. In order to present you with the purest flavor of Arriba chocolate, there is no vanilla nor “covering” aroma or extra vegetable fat added to these bars - just the cocoa bean, carefully roasted and ground.

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