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Vintage Plantations Chocolate Bars and Chocolates

Vintage Plantations Chocolate Bars and Chocolates

Vintage Plantations Chocolate is an independently-owned company with an unwavering commitment to following the Rainforest Alliance Guidelines. One hundred percent of the cocoa used in Vintage's chocolate creations comes from farms that protect the environment as well as the rights and welfare of local communities. World Wide Chocolate is proud to offer a grand selection of fine chocolate from a company that is dedicated to sustainable cocoa farming methods.

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Vintage Plantation Chocolates was born out of a passion for chocolate and the desire to get back to making chocolate the vintage way. This consisted of finding and rebuilding disappearing small cocoa farmers that were being swallowed by conglomerates and helping them thrive. Vintage Plantations' products are made only from native cocoa beans that honor the distinct flavor of the individual plantations. Founded by Pierrick Chouard and Allan Suarez, these chocolate masters employ a hands-on approach to running their company. They are involved in each step of the chocolate-making process to ensure the delivery of the highest quality chocolate - every time.

From eating a dark chocolate bar as a savory treat to baking with our selection of cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, baking chunks and couverture chunks, we have Plantation Chocolates for every taste and need. The popular "Vintage" Series is filled with Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate bars that come in several intriguing blends of flavors; just a sampling of the flavors we carry include dark chocolate with salted macadamia nuts, dark chocolate with shredded coconut, milk chocolate with almond slivers and dark chocolate with orange peel.

Whether you are a novice or a professional baker, baking with gourmet chocolate products has the ability to transform your desserts from ordinary to extraordinary. Enrobe your truffles, bonbons and other candies with Vintage's couverture chocolate, sprinkle muffins and ice cream with chocolate nibs and make smooth mousse or a chocolate tart with premium chocolate chunks. You will notice a difference in taste, texture and appearance immediately.

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