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VOSGES Chocolate

VOSGES Chocolate

If you're always up for trying something new, you'll love Vosges Haut-Chocolat from World Wide Chocolate. This line of premium chocolates is perfect for those with an adventurous sweet tooth. Founded in 1998 by Katrina Markoff, this company is responsible for some of the most inventive and flavorful chocolate combinations you'll find anywhere. Markoff has traveled the globe to learn gourmet chocolate-making techniques and discover the finest cacao and spices in the world. Now based in Chicago, Vosges Haut-Chocolat continues to be one of the leaders in premium American-made chocolates.

Vosges-Naga Bar Sweet Indian Curry Coconut Deep Milk Chocolate 45% Cacao 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Red Fire Caramel Bar 62% Cacao 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Barcelona Bar Hickory Smoked with Almonds Sea Salt deep Milk Chocolate 45% Cacao 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Black Salt Caramel Bar Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Burnt Sugar Caramel Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Cherry Rooibos Bar South African Rooibos Tea, Tart Cherries , Deep Milk Chocolate 45% Cacao 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Bapchi's Caramel Toffee Bar Sweet Butter Toffee ,Walnuts & Pecans Deep Milk Chocolate 45% Cacao 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Mo's Dark Bar 62% Dark Chocolate with Hickory Smoked uncured Bacon Alderwood smoked salt 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Red Fire Bar Ceylon Cinnamon Dark Chocolate 55% 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bar Pink Himalayan Salt, Burnt Caramel Sugar, Dark Chocolate 70% 3oz/85g[ Top ]
Vosges-Blood Orange Caramel Bar Hibiscus Flowers, Blood Orange Caramel Campari Dark Chocolate 70% 3oz/85g[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

Rather than having to visit one of the company's famous Chicago or New York City boutiques, you can get any flavor you like in a few clicks at World Wide Chocolate. Vosges chocolate bars are available on our site in a variety of distinctive flavors that will have you rethinking what tastes best with chocolate. From a Sri Lankan coconut and curry bar to a dark chocolate bar mixed with hickory-smoked uncured bacon and smoked salt, your taste buds will light up with each and every bite of these unique treats. With other mix-ins like cinnamon, rooibos tea, Campari and even hibiscus flowers, Vosges chocolates come in combinations that will continually keep you on your toes.

Make your next chocolate indulgence a true adventure with the help of Vosges Haut-Chocolat. These artisan-made chocolates are able to satisfy your sweet tooth while also giving you an exciting culinary experience right in your own home. And if you know any chocolate lovers or foodies, be sure to stock up on a few extra bars from World Wide Chocolate to give as gifts. You'll love seeing the delight on their faces as they try one of these fabulous flavors for the first time.

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