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Agapey Chocolate

Agapey Chocolate

Agapey Chocolate: An Artisan Brand

Agapey Chocolate was founded in 2010 on the belief that the richest, highest-quality chocolate beans are found in the Caribbean. This artisan chocolate brand hails from Bridgetown, Barbados, and uses its premium local resources to produce silky smooth, mouthwateringly complex chocolate that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

World Wide Chocolate

Caribbean-Sourced Chocolate Beans

Native varieties of cocoa beans are sourced within the best growing regions of the Caribbean and are used to create deliciously smooth Agapey chocolate bars. We promise that these bars will satisfy the dark chocolate cravings of chocolate lovers worldwide! Bean varieties like criollo, nacional and trinitario beans are roasted to perfection and processed using traditional machinery and equipment. Locally grown Barbadian Plantation Reserve Gold cane sugar is added into the mix for an extra-special taste that is unique to this carefully crafted mix. The result? Utter perfection!

Agapey Chocolate's Filling Bars

Choose from Agapey Chocolate products like the renowned Agapey Filling Bars, an exquisite artisanal chocolate encounter that is unlike any other. These Agapey Filling Bars are chocolate squares that are generously filled with a liquid alcohol-based center. Each center of these hollow chocolate treats contains liquor-spiked caramel, featuring flavored vodkas and rums that are infused with Caribbean Island flavors such as mango, ginger and coconut.

Varying Cocoa Content Agapey Chocolate Bars

To eat yourself or to share, we offer exquisite Agapey Chocolate Bars in a wide variety of cacao percentages and flavors that will satisfy any chocolate lover's cravings. With 60 percent cacao to 70 percent cacao bars, this delectable chocolate has irresistible ingredients like espresso, nutmeg and almonds, as well as mouthwatering flavors like salted-caramel. Buy singles to try a wide variety of these dark-chocolate bars, or opt for packs of six and packs of 12 for gift-giving and sharing.

Agapey: A Refined Process

Agapey Chocolate delivers a velvety smooth mouthfeel thanks to its careful refinement process and its dedication to using tried-and-true techniques. This makes Agapey Chocolate a delicious, gourmet choice for all of the chocoholics and discerning chocolate lovers in your life. Buy Agapey Chocolate at World Wide Chocolate!

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