At World Wide Chocolate, you can find a wide assortment of quality chocolate for cooking and baking. We offer items such as cocoa powder, baking chocolate, discs, nibs, coatings, mixes and more. To help you save time, we’ve created a collection of delectable chocolate dessert and treat recipes. Each one is from some of the world’s best producers of fine quality chocolate, and many recipes were developed by professional chefs and experts in chocolate so anyone can enjoy making them at home. These recipes give you an easy-to-understand blueprint to follow in your own kitchen creation endeavors.

Cookies, Candy and Chocolate Drinks

Are you looking for chocolate chip cookie recipes that can earn accolades from happy cookie lovers? Or perhaps you’re looking for a unique cookie or brownie recipe that stands out among the dessert crowd. If so, get ready to fall in love with our collection of cookie recipes. Find outstanding chocolate chip cookies and unique cookies that feature chocolate in various ways. If candy is your thing, check out recipes for truffles and other sophisticated treats. You can also find easy recipes for making a rich, delicious hot or cold chocolate drink.

Cakes, Muffins, Pies and Puddings

Make impressive cakes, muffins, pies and puddings featuring rich flavors of chocolate from the world’s best brands using recipes in these categories. Here, you can find a recipe for deep, rich chocolate muffins and cupcakes for home enjoyment or bake sales. Whether you’re a novice, moderate or skilled baker, you can make a classic chocolate mousse and cake or versions that are eggless or flourless – and your version can look and taste as good as desserts found at bakeries. Love pudding, cheesecake or creamy chocolate pie? Good. Grab these recipes to add to your collection.

Glazes, Filling, Frosting and More

Make glassy smooth chocolate glaze, a sweet and creamy pastry filling and professional-style chocolate buttercream whenever you wish with recipes for each of these oft-used confections. Also find recipes for other popular treats including chocolate ice cream and chocolate marshmallows.

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