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Michel Cluizel Baking Chips

Michel Cluizel Baking Chips

Michel Cluizel is a rare breed; they are one of the last independent chocolate companies that still manufactures their product from start to finish. They own cocoa bean farms in nearly every corner of the world where cocoa is grown, and oversee the growth, harvest, roasting and ultimately chocolate-making steps for each item they make, which ensures you are receiving only the highest-quality end result. Michel Cluizel has been operating in this way for three generations, which is why their chocolates are known around the world for their decadence and perfection.

World Wide Chocolate

Chocolate has taken the culinary world by storm - whether it's used in an amuse-bouche, main course, desert or cocktail, everyone loves the added complexity that cocoa brings to the equation. Enjoy adding the best of the best to your culinary creations with Michel Cluizel baking chips from World Wide Chocolate. These chips come in dark, milk, bittersweet and white varieties, so they're versatile enough for any concoction.

Class up some classic chocolate chip cookies, bring a newfound richness to your main dish or simply sprinkle a handful on top of a chocolate martini - however you use these Michel Cluizel baking chips, they're sure to please.

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