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Belcolade Chocolate Blocks [Currently OOS]

Belcolade Chocolate Blocks

The 1980s were an interesting time for chocolatiers in Belgium; foreign companies had recognized the demand for this specific type of chocolate and had begun buying up Belgian chocolatier operations. Rather than letting them remain dedicated to their original craft, these new owners began to alter the way the chocolatiers produced their confections. This caused a decline in the quality that had made Belgian chocolate so famous in the first place. One man saw this process happening and decided to take a stand - with that decision, Belcolade Chocolate was created. Countless happy customers and over 30 years later, Belcolade remains committed to producing Belgian chocolate the way it was meant to be made, with a commitment to the highest quality standards.

Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Dark Semi-Sweet Chocolate BLOCK, "Noir Selection", 55.0% Cocoa, 11 Lb./5kg. BLOCK[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Dark Bitter-Sweet Chocolate BLOCK, "Noir Superieur", 60.0% Cocoa, 11 Lb./5kg. BLOCK[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Milk Chocolate BLOCK, "Lait Selection", 33.5% Cocoa, 11 Lb./5kg. BLOCK[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - White Chocolate BLOCK, "Blanc Selection", 28.0% Cocoa, 11 Lb./5kg. BLOCK[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

No need to go to Belgium to enjoy this decadent treat - thanks to World Wide Chocolate, you can have it delivered right to your door. These Belcolade Chocolate Blocks are perfect for professional chefs and chocolate lovers alike; use a peeler to shave off thin strips of chocolate for a topping on a recipe or just break off a chunk and enjoy it during some quiet time. We have a wide variety of chocolate blocks available, ranging from white to dark semi-sweet. Whichever style you choose and however you choose to enjoy it, we know you'll appreciate Belcolade's commitment to producing 100 percent Belgian perfection.

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