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Belcolade Chocolate Discs

Belcolade Chocolate Discs

In the 1980s, many Belgian chocolatiers were being bought by foreign companies who began to change the way the chocolate was produced. One man saw this happening and decided to create a company with a sole focus on producing 100 percent Belgian chocolate from start to finish. With that decision, Belcolade was born. Now, over 30 years later, Belcolade remains committed to producing the highest quality Belgian chocolate on the market.

Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - White Chocolate Discs, "Blanc Selection", 28.0% Cocoa[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Milk Chocolate Discs, "Lait Selection", 33.5% Cocoa[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Dark Semi-Sweet Chocolate Discs, "Noir Selection", 55.0% Cocoa[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Dark Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Discs, "Noir Superieur", 60.0% Cocoa[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Dark Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Discs, "Noir Supreme", 70.5% Cocoa[ Top ]
Belcolade Belgian Chocolate - Cocoa Mass Discs, "Noir Absolu - Ebony", 99.5% Cocoa[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

World Wide Chocolate is proud to bring you this decadent chocolate experience in a variety of Belcolade Chocolate Discs. Discs are different from chips or chunks in that they melt quickly and more uniformly, making them perfect for creating chocolate sauces or baked goods that need that extra-melty sensation.

We carry a wide variety of Belcolade Chocolate Discs, ranging from 28 percent cocoa to 99.5 percent cocoa. The white chocolate discs offer a light and sweet taste that is great for dipping strawberries or using as a drizzle over the top of a baked creation. For a middle-of-the-road option, try the dark semi-sweet chocolate discs with 55 percent cocoa. If you're craving an intense taste experience, then go all-out with cocoa mass discs that have a whopping 99.5 percent cocoa - it doesn't get darker than that!

Whichever Belcolade Chocolate Discs you choose, we know you'll enjoy this authentic Belgian chocolate experience.

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