BFCM Savings Ends In:








Nonstop Chocolate Savings

November 18th-November 29th

Eleven Days of Savings – Blurred Until Active! – Check Back Daily to Reveal the Deal of the Day!

Day 10: Take an Additional 10% off BYO Flights & Couverture Collections

9:00AM ET November 25th – 9:00AM ET November 25th


Take 10% off all BYO Selections, plus: double points still active!



Ritual Bar Fan
Dick Taylor Peppermint Bark Open Lifestyle

Day 11 | The Finale: Take 18% off site-wide

9:00AM ET November 26th – 9:00AM ET November 27th



Promotions Pantry

Day 1: 15% Off Promotion Pantry

9:00AM ET Weds November 18th – 4:00AM ET November 19th


Take an additional 15% off all Promotions Pantry products




Day 2: Take 10% Off All Drinking Chocolates

8:00AM ET November 19th – 8:00AM ET November 20th


Shop the world’s finest drinking chocolates, and explore our build-your-own option to fit all tastes.





French Broad Milk Chocolate Drinking Chocolate Aesthetic Brewed
Dick Taylor Brazil 55% Dark Chocolate Bar with Peanut Butter 2

Day 3: National Peanut Butter Fudge Day!

9:00AM ET November 20th – 9:00AM ET November 19th


Take 15% off all bars with nut butters plus bars with nuts




Day 4: 10% off Cocoa Powders & Cocoa Mass

9:00AM ET November 21st – 9:00AM ET November 22nd




deZaan Cocoa Powder Lifestyle
Asbach® Assorted Brandy Chocolates in Wood Gift Box Open

Day 5: 10% Off Gift Boxes & Chocolate Assortments

8:00AM ET November 22nd – 9:00AM ET November 23rd



Day 6: National Espresso Day! 

12:00AM ET November 23rd – 4:00AM ET November 24th


Take 15% off all Chocolate with Coffee & Espresso




Michel Cluizel Guayas Ecuador Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee Lifestyle
Callebaut Chocolate Blocks

Day 7: Happy Thanksgiving! Take 10% Off Callebaut

9:00AM ET November 24th – 9:00AM ET November 25th



Day 8: Black Friday | 15% off site-wide

12:00AM ET November 25th – 9:00AM ET November 26th


Take 15% off our entire catalog



Guido Gobino Assorted Cremini Gift Box Lifestyle Loose Open
loyalty heart

Day 9: Double Points Weekend! Plus Gifts with Purchase

9:00AM ET November 26th – 9:00AM ET November 27th

Receive a free Monsoon Esmeraldas Ecuador 40% Milk Chocolate Bar with a $75 Minimum

Receive a free Guido Gobino Tourinot® Maximo+39 (250g) AND the Monsoon chocolate with a $175 Minimum


Coupon code for $75 Minimum: “esmeraldas

Coupon code for $175 Minimum: “39

// *Valid while supplies last – if runs OOS it will be replaced with a similar Monsoon or Guido product

World Wide Chocolate

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