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About Our New Site

Welcome to the new World Wide Chocolate website! A lot of new features are on their way, and this initial launch is just the first step with what's to come. You will  notice a facilitated shop & search process which should make ordering more intuitive and quite a...

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We have been fortunate over the years to build many wonderful business to business relationships! We thank all of you for your continued patronage, information on how we can better serve your needs and the education you offer on the many facets of this industry....

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Warm Weather Packaging Guide

Warm Weather Packaging: What is it? Do I need it? As you know: chocolate melts. We offer Warm Weather Packaging (WWP) to insure that your order arrives as desired. It is an optional add-on, so please note that WWC will not be responsible for any chocolate melting if...

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Our Latest Recipes

Valrhona White Chocolate Cheesecake

  Valrhona White Chocolate Cheesecake Shortbread Crust5 oz Butter (Cold, cut into small cubes)1/4 cup Sugar1 cup FlourCheesecake Batter2 cups Cream Cheese (Room Temperature)1/2 cup Sugar3 1/2 tbsp Flour2 Whole Eggs (Medium Size)3 oz Sour Cream7 oz Valrhona Ivoire 35%...

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Valrhona Alpaco Chocolate Pudding

Valrhona Alpaco Chocolate Pudding Chocolate Cream100 grams Sugar20 grams Corn Starch20 grams Valrhona Cocoa Powder20 oz Whole Milk5 oz Whipping Cream106 grams Valrhona Alpaco 66% Dark Chocolate Baking FevesOrange Blossom Whipped Cream8 oz Whipping Cream25 grams...

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