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Hopefully you have all received our e–mail blast announcing our 15 year anniversary sale. We’re very fortunate to have customers that have been buying from WWC for many years, for which we are very appreciative, but whether you’re a long time purveyor or recently discovered our site, we welcome all to help us celebrate this milestone! Since we enjoy getting to know our customers I’d thought I’d turn the tables and take this opportunity to provide a little WWC history.

When The company was established in 2004, eCommerce was really just starting to take root. It may seem common place today, but back then, the concept an “all online store” was still pretty fresh and considered a little “out there”. Sales were completed exclusively on the WWC website and the company was growing at a nice pace. The warehouse was on the previous owners property and it was quite interesting to see delivery drivers reactions (in their big-rigs) when they had to backup a long driveway toward a house in rural New Hampshire, since the warehouse was not visible from the street! Fortunately, they continued to find us, so both WWC and this interesting concept of eCommerce continued to grow rapidly. Over the years we’ve developed a great mix of customers from home bakers, chefs, restaurants, boutique gift shops, artisan bakers, chocolatiers, and generally just lovers of all things chocolate!  However, as growth continued without an inventory system in place, the prospect of continued growth was becoming a challenge.

So in 2016, I brought my 28 years of executive experience in perishable food, distribution and logistics management from the produce arena, to World Wide Chocolate. In my relatively brief tenure, we have moved the warehouse, built a proprietary cloud based infrastructure, with a robust inventory system, added multi-channel sales capabilities and released a new and improved website. These things, combined with a great team, passionate about providing superior products and an exceptional customer service experience, position us well to continue growing for the next 15 years and beyond.

In addition to getting to know you and your deepest chocolate desires, we also appreciate your insights and comments. We have created the site to be interactive, so please connect, engage and enjoy as we look forward to your questions and feedback.

Thanks to all and we look forward to sharing the journey in the next 15 as well!



World Wide Chocolate

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