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Welcome to the new World Wide Chocolate website! A lot of new features are on their way, and this initial launch is just the first step with what’s to come. You will  notice a facilitated shop & search process which should make ordering more intuitive and quite a bit easier. 


We have enhanced all aspects of the shopping process within our site. You can view our entire catalog here, with the ability to filter, sort, even live-search within our results.

If you are looking for a particular brand, or would like to explore new baking/retail options, you can visit the shop by brand page here.

We’ve also incorporated a great new feature: shop the world. You have the world of cocoa at your fingertips, with the option to expand your palette and shop offerings from specific countries: whether seeking single-origin chocolate, or by manufacturers’ location, we think you’ll find this a great method to explore your options! This feature can be found here.

Looking for specific products in mind, but not sure which to order? Narrow your search down, and explore our products by category here.

Creating an Account

Why create a new account? You will be able to customize your account, submit recipes, comment on recipes & products, and be the first to experience new features which will be posted on a regular basis. Now you also may be wondering what about my past orders from the old site? Not to worry, all of these are archived and available to retrieve via our contact page, or a phone call.

However, moving forward think of this as starting fresh, creating a new account, with much more capabilities. Reordering, save addressed, easy-access, and much more.

We will be making this transition as smooth as possible. If you do see something wrong with this site, or have a site-related question, you can reach out to  [email protected] and we’ll figure it out ASAP.


You now have the ability to truly incorporate yourself in our cocoa community. You can apply for a wholesale/business-to-business account here, or possibly even apply to sell your own chocolate products and creations through our site here, and join our new cocoa community here.


Recipes are back! We have 30 or so brand-feature recipes, with direct links to purchase to bring the recipes to life in the comfort of home. We also have incorporated recipe bundles – if a desired recipe has numerous products needed, we have set-up recipe bundles so you can order all the necessary ingredients at once, and save while doing so! You can visit our recipe catalog here, and our regularly monthly featured recipe here.

Looking to submit your own recipe? If you have an account, you can submit your own recipe here. Upon approval, your recipe will be posted, which can then be shared, commented on by other users with accounts, and can even link to your business!


There is a large amount of new content within our site as well. You can read our ‘magazine’ posts here, and check in on our blog to get news & updates here.

This covers the basics/intro features, but a lot more is soon to come… Be sure to subscribe & make an account to take advantage & receive updates of our range of new capabilities.

 We’re excited about the capabilities of this new site,  please check back regularly for new features and content. We’ll will be posting on our blog regularly with product news, site/account upgrades and features to come.

Welcome to the new WWC.

The WWC Team


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