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As you know, we have recently released this new website. We are excited about the many functions that we now have available for our customers, not to mention the back-end for ease of internal management!  It would be great to just flip a switch, be live and have all of the functionality up, running and ready to go; but the reality is, that IT implementation simply doesn’t work that way. Once you go live, you have put the system through its paces, kick the tires and confirm all functions as intended. This will be an on-going evolution and we will continue to install improvements to enhance the user experience. However, one area that became evident had an immediate opportunity for improvement, was that of the “search” function. You can now use the search field in the top right area of every/any page to type “free form” and a list of matched items will populate on a drop down from which you can select items, or just hit enter and you will be brought to the closest match. Once in the “catalog shop” there are filters in the left column of the screen that will allow you to continue searching from one item, brand or category to another. Hopefully you find this to be an easily navigated system to quickly find whatever you’re seeking. Check back often as we have more updates on the way!

Cheers, Craig

World Wide Chocolate

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