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Cookies & Cakes & Pies, Oh My!

No matter your skill or lack there-of, spending time in the kitchen with family, working together to whip up a simple treat or a culinary masterpiece, is a great bonding experience! It’s an opportunity to work together, share, delegate, laugh (hopefully not cry;-), engage, challenge and truly appreciate everyone’s contribution to the end result. So rally the troops, gather the the gaggle, & round up the renegades: it’s time to shut off the phones and pull out your baking supplies. February is “Bake for Family Fun Month,” so whether you’re the Top Chef, a Barefoot Contessa, or dealing with Hell’s Kitchen, it’s time to have a Cupcake War and try not to get Chopped! You may have a family favorite recipe perfect for the occasion, but just in case you need a little inspiration, below is a great cookie project to help set the stage! So open your basket and start baking. Keep in mind that even with a mystery ingredient of fun…an epic flour battle in the kitchen may be memorable, but clean-up is a team sport too!  Enjoy!!!




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