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Here in NH the weather is finally starting to warm up! As much as we’re all ready for some fun in the sun, we also have to prepare our warehouse and packing protocols for the joys of shipping chocolate during the warmer summer months. As in past seasons we will transition the default option for warm weather packaging (WWP) from “no” to “yes” on May 15th. WWP consists of insulated packaging and cool packs to maintain proper temperatures during transit. It’s very difficult for us to know the weather forecast for every region of the country, every day of the year, so during the cooler months we give customers the option to add WWP when desired, but in the summer, we add it automatically and provide the ability to “opt out” at checkout whenever warranted.

When we’re all done frolicking in the summer sun, what do we all crave? ICE CREAM!! We stock all the Sundae favorites from your local ice cream parlor, available and shipped right to your door. We have decoratifs, vermicelli, flakes, sauces, powders and chips of all sizes & varieties, year round. Ice cream not included of course, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous and looking for some family fun this summer try your hand at this fantastic ice cream recipe here.

Cheers, Craig

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