New & Updated WWC Loyalty & Rewards Program

What’s Changed, What’s New & How it works

It has been a while since our last blog post! We are constantly working on improvements and enhancements, our latest discussed below!

This one has been a long time coming, but excited to announce our latest website upgrade, WWC’s new loyalty and rewards program.

We have had a rewards system based around “points” on the website for quite some time, but we have evolved to a more robust & powerful program.

With our existing program, you earned 1x point for every $1 spend, and could redeem 100 points for a $2.50 discount. You could redeem any value of points with any order.

You earn the same amount, but points are now worth more

Now when you redeem points, you have to do so in 100-point increments. Every 100 points redeemed is now worth a $5.00 discount. You will be prompted with a code to redeem at checkout (so long as you have enough points to redeem) in the following format: Redeem 100 points for $5.00 off, redeem 200 points for $10.00 off, and so on. You can copy and paste this code as a “coupon” for the discount.

You do not lose your existing points value

We uploaded all existing point values to your account prior to making this switch. So, you have the same amount, they are just worth more now!

How it works:

You can view our “ways to earn rewards” here, and you can also view this information from within your account page, then click on Points & Rewards, which you can view here.

More ways to earn:

Following us on social media, referring friends and posting reviews all earns points, and you even earn bonus points on your birthday! All ways to earn can be viewed in your rewards page with more to be added with time!

Redeeming Points:

You can view our “points value” here.Simply copy and paste the prompted code to redeem and apply at checkout for your discount.

Don’t have an account?

Not a problem – you can create a free account here.

Reward Tiers

We also have customer status tiers incorporated into the website! All orders with our new rewards program fall under our base tier, the “Connoisseur” status.

After a $500 spend, you enter into our “Premier Connoisseur” tier, which includes bonus points multiplies, and if you are in the top $1,000 spend, you fall into our “Master Connoisseur” tier. This tier sees even a higher earning points multiplier, plus additional ways to earn!


Within the rewards page, you now have the ability to “Refer a Friend!” Simply add their email and follow the prompts, and they will receive a $10 discount code valid for any purchase over $75*! Once they checkout and place an order with this code, the referring account will receive 100 points! If the system will not allow you to refer that email, they are likely already in our list, and you cannot refer emails in our system already. 

*Cannot be combined with other coupons/rewards at checkout

B2B Accounts

Our B2B accounts are exempt from our rewards program. These accounts see a different pricing/rate tier, of which sees consistently lower rates with a volume minimum. Due to this configuration, B2B accounts are not eligible for our rewards program.

The Reality

With everything tech-related, you always hope it goes as smooth as possible – however, this is not always the case! We are constantly testing this program on a live basis, please let us know if you have any issues, or general questions regarding the program. If something does not appear to be working properly in the beginning, it could be possible!


Please send any questions or concerns, issues, or feedback regarding our rewards program to:

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