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Veterans Day has always held a special pace in my heart. It’s a time to celebrate those that have served and sacrificed for the benefit of thousands they will never meet. This in and of itself is somewhat awe inspiring, but because it is also a time of solemn remembrance for many, the term “celebrate” somehow feels a little uncomfortable. It seems a little inappropriate to wish someone a “Happy Veteran’s Day.” However, when we remember the context in which it is intended, it becomes much more uplifting. We’re celebrating the individuals that have given completely of themselves for our country, our freedom and our independent spirit, through their service. I believe this to be truly worthy of celebration, praise and our immeasurable thanks to those that have served and to the families of those that have lost!

As the owner of this company, I’m grateful for the freedoms we enjoy as a nation, and tremendously appreciative of those that have served. For me personally, this is the “toughest”  holiday to dovetail into a business generating endeavor or “sale”. But to compete in today’s retail environment, the reality is, we must. So for the duration of the Veteran’s day weekend we are offering a suggestion. If you plan to buy our products in preparation of the upcoming holiday season, we will offer you a choice of gifts for purchases over fifty dollars. You’re obviously welcome to enjoy this free gift however you see fit, with our sincere thanks for your patronage. However, we suggest you consider giving it to a patriot, a veteran with a simple thank you, accompanied by a handshake or a hug. We guarantee it will bring a smile to their face and joy to your day!

We here at WWC wish you all the best for a safe, happy and appreciative Veteran’s Day weekend!



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