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As a long time perishable logistics expert with a deep knowledge of the produce industry, one of my first objectives in buying a chocolate company, was to do a deep dive into the many intricacies of the product/commodity. My transition into the world of chocolate has been a surprisingly expansive journey with many layers and directions to traverse. In addition to learning about the many product variations and uses for such a diverse category of items, I’m frequently asked two questions: 1. Whats your favorite chocolate? 2. Is Dark chocolate really good for you?

I’ll use this post to share a “secret” that I’ve discovered In my tenure as owner of World Wide Chocolate. The answer to both questions is “rooted” in squares. First, there are so many flavor profiles and varieties of chocolate, that it is virtually impossible to winnow down to a single item or product as my favorite.But squares allow for a variety of daily enjoyment in reasonable serving sizes. With regard to the second, there is evidence that  supports a short-term effect of lowering blood pressure by consuming cocoa products (the higher the cocoa content, the more visible the results). Although, as with most things in life the key is in moderation.

With that being the case, I have found there to be an under appreciated and not as commonly considered product in the world of chocolate…The Square. These small single-serve portions are available in tremendously wide varieties from our most premium artisans and are a perfect way to enjoy many different types and flavors of chocolate. So whether you prefer to buy your daily dose in bulk quantities, or an eclectic mix of brands, cocoa percentages and flavor profiles, we have squares available to meet both your own needs and those of your most “challenging” gift recipients. They’re also great a great focal point for tasting parties and a versatile pairing partner for your favorite foods and beverages.

So don’t be afraid to “be square” this holiday season, as you’re sure to enjoy the new paths traversed and adventures in flavor incurred!




World Wide Chocolate

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