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I often get the question…why chocolate? Well, as a long time veteran of the the produce, logistics and distribution industries, my focus and expertise has always been on perishable transportation and logistics. I’ve also been quite fortunate throughout my career to have advanced into new and challenging positions, while simultaneously building long tenure at a relatively few very successful companies. I’ve been able to provide perishable services for virtually every large grocery retail chain in the country. However, I’ve always had the entrepreneurial itch and finally in June of 2016, after significant research, due diligence and some fits and starts with other potential acquisitions, I purchased World Wide Chocolate. After all, I am a “perishable logistics expert”, chocolate melts…so, ahhh, yeah a chocolate distributor, no problem…I CAN DO THAT!!

Now keep in mind, I use the term “I” quite liberally, because my wife and middle-school aged daughter were both very happily engaged in their own pursuits in Massachusetts. While the entity I purchased (with their full, but somewhat perplexed support) was in New Hampshire. Now the Bay & Granite States may be neighbors in the New England community,  but suffice it to say that this was not a viable commuting situation. So, off I went to blaze a trail and stake out a homestead in the great white north. That’s how I choose to recall it anyway, as the reality may be slightly less romantic! We decided that Deb and Lauren would remain in MA, while Lauren finished school, and then embark on a northern migration for high school. So my initial insertion into the company involved, long hours, many all nighters, usually resulting in a few hours sleep on a rickety twin bed set up in a storage room. Sure there were challenges, but I was also the beneficiary of  some very good friends with a spare bedroom (Thanks Dan & Patty!), and I’m sure no shortage of colorful speculation by my employees about their new boss, as to whether or not he “really” had a family.

Fast forward to April 2019: Our family lives in NH, we’ve moved WWC into a new facility, built and installed a robust infrastructure and inventory system, launched a new website, introduced free standard shipping on all orders, integrated a new B2B program and with your help, we’re poised and excited to grow well into the the future. We have a great staff that’s not only committed to providing exceptional products and service, but are also hungry to continue learning about the items we sell and the customers we serve. So if you haven’t done so already, please set up an account, join our cocoa community and touch base to tell us a little about yourself and how we can be of service…after all, when you start talking chocolate, you never know where the conversation or journey will lead!




World Wide Chocolate

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