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Cacao Barry "Brune" Coating Compound

Cacao Barry "Brune" Coating Compound

Over the last 175 years, Cacao Barry has perfected their craft: creating the very best chocolate. They started out in 1842 as pioneers traveling to the shores of Africa in search of the very best cocoa beans and have since become one of the world leaders in this decadent treat. While times have changed and processes have evolved, one thing has remained consistent - the Cacao Barry commitment to creating the highest quality of chocolate. With something so delicious, you'll want to include it in as many recipes as possible, which is why World Wide Chocolate is proud to bring you Cacao Barry "Brune" Coating Compound.

Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate "Brune" Compound Coating, 5kg/11lb.[ Top ]
Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate "Blonde" Compound Coating, 5kg/11lb.[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

There are very few things that wouldn't taste even better with chocolate added to them. In fact, we're having trouble coming up with anything that isn't made better with chocolate, but maybe that's just because we're chocoholics. At any rate, you'll have an amazing time coming up with new culinary creations when you order Cacao Barry "Brune" Coating Compound. This compound is perfect for coating ice cream cones, meringues, fruits and more. It is made with vegetable oil, which causes the compound to harden quickly once something has been dipped into it, and results in a beautiful shine without the need for tempering. Try Cacao Barry "Brune" Coating Compound as a glaze for a cake, a coating for petit fours or for making decorations to top your delicious treats - whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with this sumptuous topping.

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