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Callebaut Chocolate

Callebaut Chocolate

Callebaut chocolate is for people who demand nothing less than the best chocolate for their baking and dessert delicacies. Since they made their first products in 1911 in the small Belgian town of Wieze, Callebaut has been using the finest cocoa beans in each recipe to create delightful chocolate for bakeries, restaurants and home consumers. Their experts carefully select bean blends from West Africa, South America and Asia to create recipes that have just the right fullness, fruitiness and other notes. At World Wide Chocolate, you can experience the bliss in every bite when you buy Callebaut chocolate from the world's leading high-quality cocoa manufacturer.

World Wide Chocolate

We carry a large assortment of Belgian chocolate products to tantalize your favorite taste sensations or create new ones. You'll find classic Callebaut chocolate blocks in dark, milk and white chocolate varieties that use 100 percent pure cocoa butter, so you know you're getting the real thing. You can bake the most amazing cookies using Callebaut chocolate chips and chunks, or finish off a chocolate martini with one of their chocolate pencils. Their cocoa powder, cocoa butter and mousse powder will be the basis of all the incredible creations you can think of. You can also order Callebaut bulk chocolate for industrial and commercial baking as well as in singular consumer amounts for making delectable sweets in the comfort of your own home.

With more than 1,650 recipes, Callebaut has a gourmet chocolate for you. Constant research and development ensure they are always coming out with new chocolate products that respond to consumer demands. They are also committed to their farmers and reinvest a portion of each purchase into sustainable cocoa farming so future generations can enjoy the same incredible treat. Start shopping today at World Wide Chocolate to get premium Callebaut chocolate at a wholesale price. We even have kosher bags for use during Lent! We are committed to offering you excellent service and fast shipping on every order so you can enjoy the best artisan chocolates in the comfort of your home.

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